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In the Field

Numbers tell stories about council grantmaking

October 25, 2012 | By Andrea D. Lewis, Maryland Humanities Council

While in the process of revising their grant procedures, staff at the Maryland Humanities Council recently reached out to colleagues to learn more about what’s happening with Councils and grantmaking across the country. Of particular interest was the amount of funding devoted to grants each year, the number and percentage of grants awarded, grant categories, and reporting requirements. Whether viewed in the context of the total dollars infused into the community or organizations affected, the informal survey confirmed that, large or small, grant programs present a prime opportunity to extend the reach of the Councils’ work in helping to maintain and build more vibrant communities.

The accompanying infographic represents the responses of 19 Councils to the informal survey (including Maryland). Additional statistics on Council programs are available in the State Council Annual Compliance Reports found in the Federal/State Partnership section on the NEH website.

Couple things I should mention. As I asked my coworkers to take a look at this article and the infographic many questions came up about other things that might have been included. When I initially posted to HumBuzz, not everyone interpreted the questions in my informal survey in the same way and so I didn’t always have apples to compare to apples. I chose to keep things simple.