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North Dakota Humanities Council announces support for the Northern Plains Ethics Journal


February 12, 2013 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

The North Dakota Humanities Council announced their support for a new project dedicated to democratic participation, the Northern Plains Ethics Journal. The announcement also featured a call for papers for the Inaugural Edition of the Journal. 


The Northern Plains Ethics Journal (NPEJ) is the first peer-reviewed ethics and philosophy journal in North Dakota. NPEJ is an effort of the Northern Plains Ethics Institute (NPEI) at the North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the North Dakota Humanities Council (NDHC) to enhance the work of the NPEI in promoting the awareness and discussion of ethical and social issues affecting North Dakota and elsewhere.


The NPEJ’s three objectives and structure encourages wide participation in ethics and humanities discussions.

By creating a journal with three sections – peer-reviewed academic, community, and student scholarship - each stakeholder group can present their ideas to a larger audience than they otherwise could. As a result, scholars will have greater resources in publishing and research, in addition to the valuable resource base students and the general public with an interest in ethical issues can find online. More importantly, the NPEJ allows people to engage in humanities discussions that they might not otherwise encounter. The journal also provides an avenue for interested parties from out-of-state to gain an insight into ethical and social issues affecting North Dakota and elsewhere.


The Northern Plains Ethics Journal’s editorial board welcomes submissions in the humanities focusing on ethical issues affecting the Northern Plains - very broadly understood - for the inaugural edition of the journal. Submissions need not be focused solely upon the United States of America’s Northern Plains, but the ethical issues submissions address should be made relevant to the region. 


Submissions should be sent by email to Professor Dennis Cooley, Managing Editor, at dennis.cooley[at]ndsu[dot]edu by no later than 31 July 2013.  There is no limit to word length.


Accepted papers should conform to the journal’s style standards found at the website: