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Humanities Washington debuts Spark, a new online magazine

May 1, 2012 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

Today, Humanities Washington debuted Spark, their new online magazine. Spark will be updated with new content several times a week, allowing for a constant dialogue and exchange of ideas. Humanities Washington also annouced the launch of Spark 5, a monthly e-newsletter that highlights five Spark stories every month. A print edition of Spark is set to launch summer 2012.

Julie Ziegler, Humanities Washington executive director writes:

For almost 40 years, Humanities Washington has engaged Washingtonians with programs that provide common ground from which to test our assumptions, challenge biases, explore a range of perspectives, and gain inspiration from the stories and ideas that sustain our communities. Today, we introduce Spark, our new online magazine, which will take our work, and the ability for all Washingtonians to participate in our programs, to a new level.


Humanities Washington seeks to spark conversation and critical thinking using the power of story, and so, too, we hope, will this magazine. Stories are a fundamental part of the human experience. Whether they recount events that broaden perspective or imaginatively peer forward into the future, they teach, engage and, often, connect us. Stories are meant to be shared. And, Humanities Washington believes by sharing the stories of Washington state we nurture more informed and engaged communities.

Spark is availble online, free of charge, no registration needed. To sign up to receive Spark 5, click here.