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City of Literature documentary premieres in Iowa City

July 20, 2012 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

How did Iowa City become a hub for creative writing? An hour-long documentary, City of Literature, produced by the University of Iowa and sponsored in part by Humanities Iowa tells the story of the place of literature in Iowa, and Iowa’s City’s place within American and world literature. The film traces the rise of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, the International Writing Program, and other initiatives that helped earn Iowa City’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature. Literary figures such as Paul Engle, Loren Glass, Marvin Bell, and Christopher Merrill are featured and interviews offer the viewer a window in to the writing process and also help explore the value and impact that literature has in modern society.

The film premiered recently at the Iowa City Book Festival with a panel discussion after the screening on what makes Iowa City a City of Literature. It was also the winner of the “Best Documentary” award at the 2012 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.

View the trailer for City of Literature here.