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State Council Annual Compliance Reports

September 19, 2013 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

Each council submits an annual report on indicating its compliance with the legislated responsibilities of state humanities councils. The reports are due June 1 of each year and are submitted online through a password-protected site. The chair of the council board, as the person legally responsible for the actions of the council, submits the report. The governance data provides valuable comparative data for each council about the number of board officers and members and the length of their terms, the number of board meetings held each year, and whether or not these meetings are open to the public. It also gives the date of the last time the by-laws were revised.

Federal/State Partnership presents the information collected by means of the compliance plans to the NEH Chairman and the Nation Council on the Humanities at the July meeting of the National Council as the basis for awarding the councils' general operating support grants for the following fiscal year. This information is also used in NEH budget narratives as well as other reports and publications where details about the councils' work is required.