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An Orderly and Decent Government in Connecticut

January 30, 2011 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

Using funds allocated by NEH in 1998, the Connecticut Humanities Council created An Orderly and Decent Government, a permanent exhibition on the history of representative government in Connecticut. It was installed in the Capitol concourse of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford in April 2000. A Web site provides a virtual tour of the exhibition. The exhibition examines the changing ways in which, over a period of almost four hundred years, Connecticut legislators have sought the common good. Thomas Hooker and Connecticut’s other founders understood the common good to mean enforced religious conformity. In the nineteenth century, the common good was found in unhindered economic growth. But in the 1930s, the common good came to mean massive public assistance for victims of the Great Depression.

To learn more about An Orderly and Decent Government, visit the project website.

SO-21535, Connecticut Humanities Council