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About the Office of Challenge Grants

The Office of Challenge Grants offers grants that “challenge” local, state, and national institutions to respond to opportunities that exist in this country’s humanities ecosystem. 

Humanities Access Grants help support capacity building for humanities programs that benefit one or more of the following groups: children, family, and young adults (defined to include those between ages 18 and 30).  Humanities Access grants provide funding for existing programs at institutions such as public libraries, local and regional museums, historical societies, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, archival repositories, and other cultural organizations.

The Next Generation Humanities PhD program assists universities and graduate programs in devising new models of doctoral education to transform the understanding of what it means to be a humanities scholar and to promote the integration of the humanities with the public sphere.

Creating Humanities Communities grants support grassroots humanities programs by encouraging partnerships and collaborations between multiple institutions or organizations in a town, county, region, or area. NEH hopes that the relationships built and strengthened through Creating Humanities Communities will lead to increases and improvements in humanities infrastructure for years to come, even beyond the initial activities funded by these grants.