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Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Impact Summary

The National Endowment for the Humanities launched a Bridging Cultures project called the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf in 2012 to make scholar-selected books and films about Muslim culture and history available to American libraries.  Watch, read, and explore this popular program:   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Bridging Cultures?”

An NEH initiative designed to expand Americans' understanding of diverse histories and cultures within the United States and around the globe

What is the Muslim JourneysBookshelf?

25 books—histories, novels, memoirs and other non-fiction—and four DVDs offered free to 953 libraries and state humanities councils around the country

Where is a Muslim Journeys Bookshelf available?

Every state in the nation. See map below.

Who selected the Muslim Journeys books?

Leading scholars and librarians with input from focus groups of library patrons in six communities

What are Muslim Journeys books about?

American Stories, Connected Histories, Literary reflections, Pathways of Faith, Points of View, Art, Architecture and Film

Who paid for Muslim Journeys?

The Bookshelf was supported by a grant of $1 million from the Carnegie Corporation of New York supplemented by a $100,000 grant from the Doris Duke Foundation for arts and media.

How much did NEH contribute to Muslim Journeys?

125 libraries and state councils were awarded competitive grants of up to $4,500 to support “Let’s Talk About It” book discussion programs led by scholars.

How can I find out more about Muslim Journeys?

Go to for book lists, films, essays and more.

How were librarians involved in the Bookshelf?

NEH partnered with the American Library Association for expertise, administration and distribution

What have been the early results?

Some 290,000 people have attended Bookshelf programs so far; 92 percent of librarians call the books high quality and relevant.