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Awards & Honors: Chairman's Commendations

 Chairman's Commendation Banner

The commendation is given to Americans who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities through leadership in bridging cultures, preserving our human legacy, or in other fields of humanistic endeavor, including history, literature, religion, philosophy, jurisprudence and specialized areas in the social sciences.

Leslie C. "Skip" Stewart-Abernathy

For his dedication to Arkansas history. Dr. Leslie “Skip” C. Stewart-Abernathy  refuses to forget what time has buried.

Malcolm Margolin

Margolin’s steadfast and jubilant commitment to the humanities underscores what it means to be Californian, American, and, ultimately, what it means to be human.

Philip Lampi

This certificate commends Philip Lampi and thanks him for being a diligent seeker of American historical knowledge.