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Articles with keyword "National Humanities Medalists"


Winners of the 1998 National Medal for the Humanities

This year's recipients of the National Medal for the Humanities: Stephen Ambrose, E. L. Doctorow, Diana Eck, Nancye Brown Gaj, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Vartan Gregorian, Ramón Eduardo Ruiz, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and Garry Wills


National Council on the Humanities: Seven New Members Named

Linda Lee Aaker, Edward L Ayers, Ira Berlin, Pedro G. Castillo, Evelyn Edson, Peggy Whitman Prenshaw, and Theodore Striggles.


Changing the Channel

Medalist Brian Lamb talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the early years of C-SPAN.


Helen Vendler: The Poem Unfolded

A poet writes about the critic's talent for listening closely.


Extraordinary Lives

A group who saved Western art from Nazi looting and a California farmer who redefined ancient warfare are included in the latest list of National Humanities Medalists.


Ten Who Make A Difference

The 2008 National Humanities Medalists.


Eight Who Make A Difference

The 2009 Humanities Medalists.