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Articles with keyword "museums"

Dinner plates from a long-gone roadside eatery


What a Gas!

California museum has good roadside manner.


Feathers and Bones

Treasures from the Bishop Museum tell the Hawaiian royal story.


Crocodiles and Canoes

From terracotta heads to steel sculptures, a new exhibition takes viewers across seven millennia in the Niger Delta.


A Silken Path to Trade

Six thousand years of art goes on display at the new Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Stuart Parnes

In Focus

Connecticut's Stuart Parnes

Parnes takes up the cause of the humanities in Connecticut.


Preparing for the Worst

An emergency guide helps save historical collections from the elements.


The Collector

William H. Gerdts talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about American art, scholarship, and his fixation with pears.

John Updike


The Artist as Showman

Jefferson Lecturer John Updike talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about his writing, the "gorgeous creatures" of modernism, and much else.