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Articles with keyword "classics"

Marble statue of Artemis


How to Worship Artemis and Get Something in Return

Big show on Mount Solmissos

illustration of a 1950s computer


The Rise of the Machines

How to turn language, the core operating system of the humanities, into numbers . . .


Navigating Ancient Worlds

The realm of heroes and myths is transformed into an online library in the Perseus project.


Treasure Hunting in Baghdad

Marine Colonel Matthew Bogdanos talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about recovering stolen artifacts in Iraq.

Susan Heuck Allen


Impertinent Questions with Susan Heuck Allen

Classists become spies for OSS in World War II Greece. 


Impertinent Questions with James I. Porter

James I. Porter has devoted his career to studying classics. His books explore the birth of tragedy, the role of aesthetics in Greek culture, and Greek and Roman classical traditions. We asked Porter to opine on Homer and the mortals and gods who fill his tales.