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Articles with keyword "Architecture"


Building Big

The secrets behind five modern architectural wonders are revealed in a new documentary.


Fallout: Art and Design in the Atomic Age

The plastics of wartime were transformed into Tupperware cocktail shakers as a new aesthetic emerged after the dropping of the bomb.


A New Look at Old Buildings

Advanced technology turns structures inside out for students.


From Battlefield to Bungalow

Easy-to-assemble structures find a place in the twenty-first century.

Beth Shalom in Elkins Park, PA


Cohen: Codesigner

Rabbi and Architect Scale New Heights with Innovative Synagogue.


Not Just Another Ice-Cream-Suit-Wearing, Pen-Wielding Master of the Statusphere

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole speaks with Tom Wolfe about his role as the Balzac of our times.


Planned Paradise: Making the Florida Dream

A postwar boom transforms Florida from backwater to dream state.

Michael Gillette

In Focus

Michael Gillette

Michael Gillette works to make Humanities Texas as noticeable as the handsome mansion it is restoring and using as a new headquarters.


Editor's Note, November/December 2012

From the vaulted arch to Celebrating Freedom.

Fontainebleau Hotel Flower Shop


Miami Swank—and Its Opposite

A new exhibition captures the dueling personalities of Miami Modern.