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Articles with keyword "American West"

Cowboy, Montana, 1910


Nevadan Cowboy Artist Will James Never Revealed His Unlikely Provenance

His forte lay in depicting what it felt like to be on a spirited mount.

Horse mask


Center of the West Displays Powerful Art and Artifacts of Bison Culture

Bear-claw necklaces, warriors' shields, and horse masks greet visitors to Paul Dyck Collection.


An American Legend

A biography of Daniel Boone is published 140 years after it was written.


Changing with the Times

From horses to motorcars, an exhibition chronicles cultural change among the Plateau Indians.


Write ’Em Cowboy

Poetry of life on the range finds an audience in Nebraska.


Storylines America

In spaces as vast as Montana, book groups take to the airwaves.



Seven states that share the waters of the mighty Colorado examine their heritage.


Outgrowing Myths

Writer William Kittredge reflects on the passing of the Old West and the growing pains of the new with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris.

In Focus

Marion Cott: Building Community in Kansas

Marion Cott works to strengthen community in Kansas.


Uncovering a Sunken Treasure

The Hawley brothers speak with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about unearthing a steamship buried in a Kansas cornfield.