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Articles with keyword "World War I"

Injured troops from the 3rd Battalion, 16th Infantry


How the GI Bill Became Law in Spite of Some Veterans’ Groups

The G.I. BIll represented a new deal for veterans

Masked New York City policeman, 1918


The Devastation of 1918

An online encyclopedia created at the University of Michigan includes thousands of documents detailing the U.S. response to the 1918 flu crisis.

Photo of Scott Russell

In Focus

Scott Russell of the Northern Mariana Islands

Scott Russell balances the interests of locals and newcomers in the Northern Mariana Islands.


The Passions of Woodrow Wilson

From his politics to his love letters, the president's fiery convictions are revealed in a new film.


All the World's a Frontier

Cossacks became cowboys in Buffalo Bill's Wild West.


War Stories

A new film depicts the lives of World War I fighter pilots.


Witness to War

Artist Otto Dix documents the horrors of World War I.

Photo of Chad L. Williams


Impertinent Questions with Chad L. Williams

African-American soldiers in WWI: A broadening experience for many.

Book: <em>Wilsonian Moment</em>


They'll Always Have Paris

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points: Raising expectations of emerging national leaders.