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Articles with keyword "United States"


A New Visual Language

An exhibition explores how the American West inspired Modernism.


Reverse Immigration: Through a Mariachi’s Eyes

A film documents the struggles of a Mexican musician.


Preparing for the Worst

An emergency guide helps save historical collections from the elements.

Dave Brubeck


DAVE BRUBECK: Ambassador of Cool

The master of West Coast jazz blends his music with his advocacy for human rights.


In Ellington’s Shadow: The Life of Billy Strayhorn

A new film examines the work of the composer of "Take the 'A' Train" and "Lush Life."


Treasure Hunting in Baghdad

Marine Colonel Matthew Bogdanos talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about recovering stolen artifacts in Iraq.


Living Traditions

The stories of Appalachian artists, singers, and coal miners are recorded in nearly four decades of filmmaking.


Game Playing

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole and author Steven Johnson discuss how video games challenge the way we think.

Passenger pigeons


Drawn From Nature

John James Audubon captured a disappearing world in his paintings.

The Grapes of Wrath's Tom Joad can't find work at a camp.


Filming the American Novel

From The Great Gatsby to Sister Carrie, writers tell stories of social climbers and fortune hunters.