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Articles with keyword "Television"

illustration of Solomon Northup by Gary Kelley


Solomon Northup's Odyssey

From American Playhouse to 12 Years a Slave, two films give different views of the same story.

Wonder Woman collage


Super Role Model

The evolution of Wonder Woman.


From Story to Screen

A filmmaker explains how history plays differently on television.


Risen from Our Blood and Tears

An upcoming series tells how Africans made their mark on America from slavery to abolition.


A Conversation with Judy Crichton

Producer Judy Crichton talks about a decade of filmmaking for The American Experience.


Low Blows and High Rhetoric

The University of Oklahoma preserves political advertising in the age of television.


Beyond the Box

Television leaps into the future with digital programming.

In Focus

Jane Hood of Nebraska

Jane Hood is building bridges to rural Nebraskans.


'Not Just a Chair'

Chairman Bruce Cole talks with antiques dealer Leigh Keno about treasure hunting for pieces of America's past.