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Articles with keyword "Publishing"


The Unconventional Willa Cather

After conquering the world of New York publishing, an ambitious writer returns to her Nebraska roots to find inspiration.


Life Through Art’s Prism

British writer Paul Johnson talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the history of art and its place in America.


Life Among the Lexicographers

The Dictionary of American Regional English records what is local about our language.


Words. Words. Words.

A new edition of Samuel Johnson’s landmark dictionary illuminates his methods.


Reading in the Age of Google

Contemplating the future with books that talk to one another.

Portrait of Carl Sandburg


A Workingman's Poet

Frankness and plain speaking made Carl Sandburg a celebrity.

Poster of Eliza from Uncle Tom's Cabin crossing the Ohio River.


The First Great American Novel

It was Uncle Tom's Cabin.


Through the Lens of Jack London

The writer provides photographic records of his adventures.

In Focus

Janet Daley

Janet Daley promotes reading programs in North Dakota.