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Articles with keyword "Education"

Albert Einstein in 1920s


The Face of Science

How Albert Einstein became a celebrity


Opening Locked Doors

Reflections on the moral frontiers of thirty years of teaching the Holocaust.


On-Site with NEH

An irreverent look at the nation's past wows New Jersey eighth graders.

In Focus

Victor Swenson

Victor Swenson has tried to end illiteracy by encouraging a love of reading in adults.

In Focus

Michael Bouman of Missouri

Michael Bouman borrows the language of business but says his product is a changed human being.


Wild Intellectuals and Exotic Folks

A small college in North Carolina devised a radically different approach to education by bringing together artists and scholars.


The Great Experiment

Contentious debates about ideas and values have shaped American education since its inception.


Ordinary Virtues

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole talks about cultivating civic life.


Picturing Modern America

A new website encourages students to investigate history the way historians do.


A Conversation with Vartan Gregorian

The president of Carnegie Corporation speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the delights of learning.