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GeoHistorian students

ODH in the News

By Perry Collins

Several of our Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant awardees have received media attention in recent weeks.


Uncharted Territory

Google guru Vinton Cerf talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the Internet's role in the humanities.


Making Meta Connections

Nineteen institutions combine resources to give a view of the American Northwest.


Cataloging the Cradle of Civilization

Global positioning tracks archaeological sites in Iraq.


Game Playing

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole and author Steven Johnson discuss how video games challenge the way we think.


Firsthand Accounts

A Web site offers manuscripts, maps, and sketches from early Virginia.

2013 Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities Guidelines Now Available

By Jennifer Serventi

The guidelines for the sixth round of the Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities (IATDH) program are now available. We’re looking for organizations and institutions interested in leading next year’s crop of institutes. This year's application deadline is March 7, 2013. Now is the time to begin preparing an application.

Characters from "Desperate Fishwives"


Travale’s Travails

Educational adventure-game explores Elizabethan Age.

Wurts Bros. (New York, NY)

Humanities and Technology Unite!

By NEH Staff

Program officer Perry Collins will participate in a panel presentation at the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) on Tuesday, October 2nd, at 6pm.

Two people view interactive table


Quilty Table

Digital humanities enhances emotional experience of viewing AIDS Quilt