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Articles with keyword "Civil War"


Risen from Our Blood and Tears

An upcoming series tells how Africans made their mark on America from slavery to abolition.


One Family's Journey: A Conversation with Adele Logan Alexander

Historian Adele Logan Alexander talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about the rise of a resolute African American family and its service to the nation.


The Rise and Fall and Rise of Ulysses S. Grant

A new film tells how he survived vicissitudes to remain the most loved man of his century.


The Reluctant Cadet

A glimpse of the young would-be farmer who became a military hero and the president of the United States.


Excerpts from the Writings of James M. McPherson

McPherson's books capture the complexity of the Civil War and the connections between battlefront and home front.


Touring the Battlefields

A colleague pays tribute to a fellow historian and tireless traveling companion.


"The War that Never Goes Away"

Jefferson Lecturer James M. McPherson talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about the Civil War and the long shadows it still casts over the American landscape.


A Visit from Historian Shelby Foote

The writer shares reflections on the South and history.


Images of Contentment

Kensett's paintings of Long Island Sound evoke a simpler time.

Illustration of Henry Brown


This End Up

Henry Box Brown mailed himself to freedom.