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Articles with keyword "Christianity"


Why Read Beowulf?

How a manuscript that was nearly lost still speaks to us.


A Personal Reminiscence

Reflections on the approach of an "improper medievalist" to feasting, the body, and death.


The Rallying Cry

How the word "Liberty" moved from a spiritual definition to a revolutionary one.


Pioneer Painters

Works by three Lutheran artists who shaped the early religious environment in the upper Midwest are on display in Iowa.

Robert Louis Wilken


Impertinent Questions with Robert Louis Wilken

On the first thousand, tumultuous years of Christianity.


Freedom Through Conversion

Conflict Endured during Colonial Period in Virginia over Morality of Christians Enslaving Other Christians

Illustration of medieval mystery play.


The Body of Christ

Theology became flesh and blood in the sacred street theater of medieval England.

Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche


Nietzsche Is Dead

The battle for Nietzsche's legacy began when Count Hary Kessler met Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche.

Dante Alighieri


Of Circles, Terraces, and Spheres

A little rusty on the Dante you read as an undergraduate? Like to brush up a bit on some points in the Inferno, like that “mal” something?


Fast Track To Sainthood

St. Francis has gone in and out of style.