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Articles with keyword "California"

David Igler


Sea Captains Changed the Pacific World. David Igler Explains How.

Western Americanist and native Californian David Igler on sea captains who sought their fortunes

soldier with flag


A Lot of People in Riverside, California, Came There Because of the Air Force Base.

California shows another side of military life

Dinner plates from a long-gone roadside eatery


What a Gas!

California museum has good roadside manner.

Wonder Woman collage


Super Role Model

The evolution of Wonder Woman.


“I Have Seen the Elephant”

Some forty-niners found instant wealth in California, but for most the trek west meant hardship and loss.


“History Alive!”

A gallery of California notables are recreated in Chautauqua performances for the state's sesquicentennial.


The Courageous Were Those Left Behind

Historian Malcolm J. Rohrbough talks about the heroes and heroines left behind.

In Focus

The Great Migration

Jim Quay: sharing history in California.


75 Years of Route 66

America's famous road west celebrates a birthday.

"City Life" by Victor Arnautoff


New Deal Murals

Meaningful work for Depression-era artists