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Articles with keyword "Biography"


Ben and Me

A scholar talks about her forty-eight years with Franklin.


Under the Big Top

Dolley Madison, William Clark, and other historical figures headline in this summer's Chautauqua.


The Nuances of Money

An interview with author James L. W. West III.

In Focus

Alice Smith Barkley

For twenty years, North Carolina's Alice Smith Barkley has spearheaded programs ranging from literacy campaigns to oral history training.


Chasing Beauty

Meryle Secrest speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the art world and her work as a biographer.


David McCullough, Chronicler of America

The Librarian of Congress looks at David McCullough's retelling of the American story.



The young naturalist rides with gauchos, battles a tidal wave, and develops a theory of evolution.

In Focus

Wyoming's Marcia Wolter Britton

Marcia Wolter Britton explores what matters to Wyoming.


The Scholar and Teacher

Known as a "one-man university," Kagan brings versatility, wisdom, and excitement to his classroom.


William Blake: Visions and Verses

The literary and visual works of the eccentric poet and printmaker are now available online.