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Articles with keyword "Art"

Martin Scorsese during the Venice Film Festival in 1998.


The Art of Martin Scorsese

Former chairman Jim Leach interviews the 2013 Jefferson Lecturer about growing up, making films, and capturing that special "something" on the big screen.

Illustrations of camp life during Civil War


The Comical and the Coffinly

Through humor, Winslow Homer learned to tap into the subtleties of the Gilded Age.


The Playwright

Miller inspires his collaborators with his approach to the creative process.


A Grand Design

Treasures and trifles from the Victoria and Albert Museum are coming to America.


Straddling Two Worlds

He risked his performing career for his political beliefs.


Reconsidering Rivera

The Mexican muralist sought to create art "capable of persuading and educating the masses."


Visions of Peace

An artistic exchange links New Mexico and Japan.


Feathers and Bones

Treasures from the Bishop Museum tell the Hawaiian royal story.


About Saul Bellow

Bellow's biographer, James Atlas, talks about the successes and trials of the Nobel Prize-winner's life with Chairman William R. Ferris.


A Feast for the Senses

With a splash of tradition, the Plains Indian Museum is celebrating a makeover.