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Articles with keyword "Archaeology"

In Focus

Arizona’s Julia Yoder

Julie Yoder brings a mix of experiences to the humanities in Arizona.


Cataloging the Cradle of Civilization

Global positioning tracks archaeological sites in Iraq.


Gilded Splendor: A Nomadic Tribe Creates a Dynasty

The Liao came from the steppes of Mongolia to erect a capital city that becomes Beijing.


Uncovering Powhatan’s Empire

Excavations reveal the site where John Smith and Chief Powhatan first meet.

Susan Heuck Allen


Impertinent Questions with Susan Heuck Allen

Classists become spies for OSS in World War II Greece. 

Book cover for "From Alexander to Constantine"


Kingly Pursuits

Herod built on a Roman scale.

Cholula-style ceramic goblet


Artists Rule

How a feathered serpent god presided over a forgotten golden age of Mexican art.

Sixteenth-century Spanish vessels


Underwater Clues

Two of Florida's oldest shipwrecks reveal colonists' hopes.

Painted Comanche hide, from the mid nineteenth century


Comanche Robe

This painted Comanche hide, which dates from the mid nineteenth century, served as a robe for a child.

Image of chaeologists join 8,500 cyclists on the road in Iowa.


Time Travels

Some thirteen thousand years ago, when most archaeologists agree that humans first populated North America, a Paleo-Indian tribe left a cache of stone weapons in southern Iowa, maybe to be finished an