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Articles with keyword "African Americans"


Heroes of the Sky

The Wright brothers' twelve-second flight at Kitty Hawk launches the aerial age.

In Focus

Donald Simmons of South Dakota

Donald Simmons celebrates the Great Expedition in South Dakota.


Partners of the Heart

An unconventional partnership leads to an advance in cardiac surgery.

In Focus

Stories Behind the Documents

Michael Gillette is preserving the past in Texas.


Forty Acres and a Mule

A new documentary examines America's struggle to establish racial equality after the Civil War.


A Tense Time in Tennessee

Thurgood Marshall wins a case and nearly loses his life.


Brown v. Board

A Supreme Court ruling fuels the Civil Rights Movement.


Do You Speak American?

A new documentary investigates the different ways of speaking American English, from Maine and Ohio to Louisiana and California.


Recollections from the Ring

Painter, writer, television producer, and fight doctor Ferdie Pacheco talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole.


Bronzeville Blues

Recalling how music thrived on Chicago's South Side.