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Edith Head shows designs to Alfred Hithcock for 1946 film Notorious

Hollywood by Design

Oklahoma remembers the career of costumier Edith Head.

The Silver Slipper in Las Vegas

Vegas’s Revolutionary Recluse

Nevada pays tribute to the vision of Howard Hughes.

Noah Webster

Better Living through Spelling

Connecticut celebrates Noah Webster.

Pete Seeger

Songs of the Times

Idaho listens to the songs of its people.

Image of Mural Sketch No. 1, 1937, by Esphyr Slobodkina.

Abstract in America

Nebraska hosts talks on a pioneer in abstract art.

Image of Rest and Work, 1941, by Jean Charlot.

The Art of Influence

Nebraska hosts talks on the reach of the Mexican muralists.

Image of Denver’s dean of cattle buyers, Robert Lazar Miller.

Jewish Pioneers

A New York program discusses how Jewish settlers shaped the Wild West.

Image of Frederick Douglass

Reverberations of the Fourth of July

MASSACHUSETTS On July 5, 1852, while citizens across the country were still celebrating American freedom, Frederick Douglass, the country’s most prominent former slave, delivered arguably the century’

Image of the Garst family welcomin Nikita Khrushchev in 1959 (Roswell Garst, cen

Khrushchev in Iowa

Coon Rapids, Iowa, was crawling with spies.

Image of Chimney Rock and the Red Hills of Ghost Ranch, 2007.

Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby

While walking home on a snowy Michigan day in 1970 after taking pictures for his high school newspaper, fourteen-year-old Craig Varjabedian passed by an art gallery.