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Image of chaeologists join 8,500 cyclists on the road in Iowa.

Time Travels

Some thirteen thousand years ago, when most archaeologists agree that humans first populated North America, a Paleo-Indian tribe left a cache of stone weapons in southern Iowa, maybe to be finished an

Velosophie participants

Zen and the Art of Cycling

Philosophical journeys in Illlinois.

Reverse Immigration: Through a Mariachi’s Eyes

A film documents the struggles of a Mexican musician.

Poised Pen

A traveling exhibition opens at the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Washington, D.C.

Keeping Connected

State humanities councils take to the airwaves to tell their stories.

National Council on the Humanities: Seven New Members Named

Linda Lee Aaker, Edward L Ayers, Ira Berlin, Pedro G. Castillo, Evelyn Edson, Peggy Whitman Prenshaw, and Theodore Striggles.