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Impertinent Questions

James Leve

Impertinent Questions with James Leve

On the composers of Cabaret and Chicago.

Philip Nel

Impertinent Questions with Philip Nel

On the man behind the Grinch.

Image of Madonna and Saints with Two Cherubs (detail)

Impertinent Questions with William M. Reddy

William M. Reddy has made a career of demonstrating how honor, love, shame, fear, and desire operate as historical forces.

Brad Gooch

Impertinent Questions with Brad Gooch

On the life of Flannery O'Connor.

Impertinent Questions with Kristine Harper

As a meteorologist for the United States Navy for more than twenty years, Kristine Harper is distinctly qualified to talk about the weather.

Impertinent Questions with James I. Porter

James I. Porter has devoted his career to studying classics. His books explore the birth of tragedy, the role of aesthetics in Greek culture, and Greek and Roman classical traditions. We asked Porter to opine on Homer and the mortals and gods who fill his tales.

Margaret A. Hogan

Impertinent Questions with Margaret A. Hogan

Margaret A. Hogan discusses the letters and lives of John and Abigail Adams.