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In Focus

Marion Cott: Building Community in Kansas

Marion Cott works to strengthen community in Kansas.

New Hampshire's Alison Nordström

Alison Nordström promotes visual literacy in New Hampshire.

Alaska’s Ira Perman

The Alaska council's director is bridging urban and native cultures.

Donald Simmons of South Dakota

Donald Simmons celebrates the Great Expedition in South Dakota.

South Carolina’s Randy Akers

Randy Akers: telling South Carolina's story.

The Great Migration

Jim Quay: sharing history in California.

Building the Humanities in Utah

Cynthia Buckingham promotes civic culture in Utah.

Washington's Margaret Ann Bollmeier

The humanities go digital in Washington state.

A New Awareness in New York

New York's David Cronin works to teach global understanding.

Victor Swenson

Victor Swenson has tried to end illiteracy by encouraging a love of reading in adults.