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In Focus

Michael Gillette

Michael Gillette

Michael Gillette works to make Humanities Texas as noticeable as the handsome mansion it is restoring and using as a new headquarters.

Vaughan’s Virginia

Virginia's Robert Vaughan connects his state to the world.

David Tebaldi of Massachusetts

David Tebaldi enriches public discourse in Massachusetts.

Jan Fedewa: Discovering Untold Stories

Michigan's Jan Fedewa works to tell the state's stories.

Puerto Rico’s Juan González Lamela

Juan González Lamela brings Puerto Rico's heritage to its citizens.

Minnesota’s Stanley Romanstein: Connecting the Arts and Humanities

Stanley Romanstein connects music and the humanities in Minnesota.

Arizona’s Julia Yoder

Julie Yoder brings a mix of experiences to the humanities in Arizona.

Janet Daley

Janet Daley promotes reading programs in North Dakota.

North Carolina’s Doug Quin

Growing up abroad led Doug Quin to take a grassroots approach to programming in North Carolina.

Idaho’s Rick Ardinger

A passion for printing.