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In Focus

Puerto Rico’s Juan González Lamela

Juan González Lamela brings Puerto Rico's heritage to its citizens.

Minnesota’s Stanley Romanstein: Connecting the Arts and Humanities

Stanley Romanstein connects music and the humanities in Minnesota.

Arizona’s Julia Yoder

Julie Yoder brings a mix of experiences to the humanities in Arizona.

Janet Daley

Janet Daley promotes reading programs in North Dakota.

North Carolina’s Doug Quin

Growing up abroad led Doug Quin to take a grassroots approach to programming in North Carolina.

Idaho’s Rick Ardinger

A passion for printing.

Wisconsin’s Dean Bakopoulos

Dean Bakopolous brings a writerly touch to Wisconsin.

Humanities in the Nation’s Capital

Oklahoma's Anita May

Oklahoma's Anita May reflects on thirty years with the humanities.

Wyoming's Marcia Wolter Britton

Marcia Wolter Britton explores what matters to Wyoming.