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In Focus

Nevada's Judith Winzeler

Judith Winzeler speaks up for Chautauqua.

Connecticut’s Bruce Fraser

Connecticut’s Bruce Fraser stands up for the quieter, shy sister of the arts.

Ted Lord

Ted Lord brings poetry and tech savvy to the humanities in Washington.

Jane Brailove Rutkoff

New Jersey’s Jane Brailove Rutkoff

Jane Brailove Rutkoff brings programs to all corners of New Jersey.

What about Bob?

Robert Bailey fosters grassroots humanities programs in Arkansas.

Michael Gillette

Michael Gillette

Michael Gillette works to make Humanities Texas as noticeable as the handsome mansion it is restoring and using as a new headquarters.

Vaughan’s Virginia

Virginia's Robert Vaughan connects his state to the world.

David Tebaldi of Massachusetts

David Tebaldi enriches public discourse in Massachusetts.

Jan Fedewa: Discovering Untold Stories

Michigan's Jan Fedewa works to tell the state's stories.

Puerto Rico’s Juan González Lamela

Juan González Lamela brings Puerto Rico's heritage to its citizens.