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In Focus

Brenna Daugherty Gerhardt

North Dakota’s Brenna Daugherty Gerhardt

Looking to be a game changer.

Briann Greenfield

Briann Greenfield of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities

She takes a public historian's view of the world.

Adam Davis

Adam Davis of Oregon Humanities

Head of OH plants seeds for discussion, not consensus.

Nina Kemppel

Nina Kemppel Came Home to Lead Alaska Humanities Forum

The humanities have a big impact on Alaskan life.

Hayden Anderson

Maine’s Hayden Anderson Blends Practicality and Idealism to Advance the Humanities

From blueberry pies to veteran reading programs, Hayden Anderson applies purity of thinking.

Chris Sommerich, right, and Warren Brown

Chris Sommerich of Humanities Nebraska Is Taking an Unconventional Approach to Programming

Executive director works for long-term stability to bring the humanities to all Nebraskans

Photo of David O'Fallon and Seitu Jones

The Minnesota Humanities Center's David O'Fallon Believes in the Transforming Power of the Arts and Humanities.

Immigrant, tribal, and veteran voices are heard in telling of stories

Brenda Thomson

Arizona's Brenda Thomson

Brenda Thomson works to bring everyone into the conversation.

Photo of Scott Russell

Scott Russell of the Northern Mariana Islands

Scott Russell balances the interests of locals and newcomers in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Geoff Giglierano and Chief Glenna Wallace

Missouri's Geoff Giglierano

His inspiration comes from the stories people tell.