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When Art and Morality Collide

How Rosetti and Wilde tested Victorian sensibilities.

Dear Harry . . . Dear Wm

The letters of the James brothers offer a window to the nineteenth century.

Louisa May Alcott's Long-Lost Novel

A seventeen-year-old's scribbles reveal the writer to come.

The Paradox of Biography

While some regard it as "the queen of the humanities," others dismiss it as "low-power history."

From Story to Screen

A filmmaker explains how history plays differently on television.

Coming Full Circle in Civil Rights

Radio recalls the movement's evolution in five southern cities.

Stephen Toulmin

Toulmin's journey from physicist to philosopher to ethical theorist: an appreciation by Marx W. Wartofsky.

An On-Campus Glimpse

Toulmin backstage in a USC dorm.

Confronting Science

The monk and his pea plants were just the beginning of the anguish over societal values.

Valley of the Shadow

Images of a farmland divided by the Civil War come to life on the Internet.