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Crossroads of Conflict

The U.S.-Mexican War is retold by both sides in a new documentary.

Risen from Our Blood and Tears

An upcoming series tells how Africans made their mark on America from slavery to abolition.


From celebrities to stockyards, a new reference book examines the mystique of the windy city.

Built in a Day

How Aladdin's catalog homes changed the way Americans live.

A Writer's Writer

Katherine Anne Porter's lifetime of letters and manuscripts holds clues for scholars and writers alike.

A Fanciful Nature

Realism and fantasy mingle in the worlds of Beatrix Potter, Kate Greenaway, and Arthur Rackham.

Awash in Books

How poetry, history, and intellectual pyrotechnics fill four days at the Virginia Festival of the Book.

How a Tradition Begins

Nashville becomes Literary City, U.S.A. for the tenth annual Southern Festival of Books.

Threads of the Imagination

Ghanaian kente cloth has become a symbol of pride and identity around the world.

Mali's Boy-King

A thirteenth-century epic of prophesy, exile, and empire goes digital.