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A Personal Reminiscence

Reflections on the approach of an "improper medievalist" to feasting, the body, and death.

Chivalry Revisited

Romance, poetry, and protest literature are rescued from obscurity.

Why Read Beowulf?

How a manuscript that was nearly lost still speaks to us.

Amid Rubble and Myth

Excavations beneath Florence's cathedral reveal a church for a saint that never was.

A Land Without Lords

Early Icelanders turned feuding into an art form.

Women of Power

An eleventh-century nun with attitude becomes the subject of a Maryland film.

At Home in Wisconsin


The city built by a heretic is the subject of an upcoming exhibition.

"When Memories Collide"

Technology takes us on a virtual tour of an immigrant home of the 1920s.

The Voice of Nationalism

How Yeats and his circle gave playwriting a new voice.