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How the Marshall Plan Came About

The general's papers reveal the campaign for the plan that rebuilt Europe.

Opening Locked Doors

Reflections on the moral frontiers of thirty years of teaching the Holocaust.

Reconstructing Jacob Lawrence

Our history from the New Deal to contemporary Times Square is documented in a new catalog of the artist.

I'll Make Me a World

From ragtime to Spike Lee, a film captures the kaleidoscope of cultural contributions made by African Americans in this century.

Heraldry and Harleys

A new exhibition compares the American biker and the knights of the Middle Ages.

Margaret Sanger's "Deeds of Terrible Virtue"

A new film tells how Sanger broke taboos and paved the way for birth control reform.

Crossroads of Conflict

The U.S.-Mexican War is retold by both sides in a new documentary.

Risen from Our Blood and Tears

An upcoming series tells how Africans made their mark on America from slavery to abolition.


From celebrities to stockyards, a new reference book examines the mystique of the windy city.

Built in a Day

How Aladdin's catalog homes changed the way Americans live.