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Straddling Two Worlds

He risked his performing career for his political beliefs.


Tory sentiments and battlefield diaries offer a different view of the American Revolution.

Towards Life in the Fast Lane

A new film shows the love-hate relationship Americans have with the interstate.

The Haunting of Summers Past

From quarantines to birthday balls -- how America coped with the polio plague.

Faulkner at 100

He lived a large part of his life in opposition to the place he loved.

Travels in Fictional Mississippi

Photographer Martin J. Dain captures the novelist's world.

A Place with a Story

A restored New England industrial valley draws a new generation of visitors.

A Grand Design

Treasures and trifles from the Victoria and Albert Museum are coming to America.

When Art and Morality Collide

How Rosetti and Wilde tested Victorian sensibilities.

Dear Harry . . . Dear Wm

The letters of the James brothers offer a window to the nineteenth century.