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Chivalry Revisited

Romance, poetry, and protest literature are rescued from obscurity.

Why Read Beowulf?

How a manuscript that was nearly lost still speaks to us.

Amid Rubble and Myth

Excavations beneath Florence's cathedral reveal a church for a saint that never was.

A Land Without Lords

Early Icelanders turned feuding into an art form.

Women of Power

An eleventh-century nun with attitude becomes the subject of a Maryland film.

At Home in Wisconsin


The city built by a heretic is the subject of an upcoming exhibition.

"When Memories Collide"

Technology takes us on a virtual tour of an immigrant home of the 1920s.

The Voice of Nationalism

How Yeats and his circle gave playwriting a new voice.

The Irishness of Irish Painting

A sense of nationhood spawned new painting styles.