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Friars, Soldiers, and Settlers

A multimedia website describes the overland journeys of California's early explorer, Juan Battista de Anza.

Passage from India

How Gandhi's nonviolent resistance took shape on American shores.

Arguing the World

A new film traces the lives of four controversial thinkers who believe that ideas can change the world.


Etheridge Knight rose from prisoner to poet and shared his gift with everyone.

The Tumultuous Life of Porgy and Bess

A new film documents sixty years of controversy surrounding Gershwin's folk opera.

A Nation on the March

Original music man John Philip Sousa knew what the people wanted.

Straddling Two Worlds

He risked his performing career for his political beliefs.


Tory sentiments and battlefield diaries offer a different view of the American Revolution.

Towards Life in the Fast Lane

A new film shows the love-hate relationship Americans have with the interstate.

The Haunting of Summers Past

From quarantines to birthday balls -- how America coped with the polio plague.