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Uproar in the Classroom

A new film explores how the written word carries explosive consequences.

Almost a Masterpiece

The early version of what became The Great Gatsby will soon be in print.

The Nuances of Money

An interview with author James L. W. West III.

Eleanor Roosevelt

A documentary places the emphasis on Eleanor without Franklin.

The New Deal Network

A website puts depression-era documents into schools.

A Visit from Historian Shelby Foote

The writer shares reflections on the South and history.

A World of Spectacle

An exhibition examines eighteenth-century art in the city that was the intersection of the classical and the contemporary.

My History Is America's History

The NEH launches an initiative to save and share our legacy for a new generation.

Our Place in Time

An exhibition examines how technology has shaped American society.

Moments of Discovery

The fabric of our country's past is found in the threads of family stories.