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Jazz Tells its Story on Film

A Denver festival blends visual and musical media.

Vinalhaven Remembers its Great Age of Granite

A photography exhibition recalls one of Maine's lost industries.

Encountering Bernard Bailyn

His unorthodox ways in the classroom changed the course of history for generations of Harvard students.

The Rallying Cry

How the word "Liberty" moved from a spiritual definition to a revolutionary one.

Not the Man in the Gilbert Portrait

An exhibition shows the lesser-known side of a young, ambitious George Washington.

Dissident in Indonesia

Visiting the author of the Buru Quartet under house arrest in Jakarta.

“When Rain Blackens the Sky”

The poetry of Viet Nam connects a land and its people.

Women in Combat

Soviet women who fought in World War II tell their stories in an exhibition in Ohio.

“History Alive!”

A gallery of California notables are recreated in Chautauqua performances for the state's sesquicentennial.

“I Have Seen the Elephant”

Some forty-niners found instant wealth in California, but for most the trek west meant hardship and loss.