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Not the Man in the Gilbert Portrait

An exhibition shows the lesser-known side of a young, ambitious George Washington.

Dissident in Indonesia

Visiting the author of the Buru Quartet under house arrest in Jakarta.

“When Rain Blackens the Sky”

The poetry of Viet Nam connects a land and its people.

Women in Combat

Soviet women who fought in World War II tell their stories in an exhibition in Ohio.

“History Alive!”

A gallery of California notables are recreated in Chautauqua performances for the state's sesquicentennial.

“I Have Seen the Elephant”

Some forty-niners found instant wealth in California, but for most the trek west meant hardship and loss.

Friars, Soldiers, and Settlers

A multimedia website describes the overland journeys of California's early explorer, Juan Battista de Anza.

Passage from India

How Gandhi's nonviolent resistance took shape on American shores.

Arguing the World

A new film traces the lives of four controversial thinkers who believe that ideas can change the world.


Etheridge Knight rose from prisoner to poet and shared his gift with everyone.