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At Home in Wisconsin


The city built by a heretic is the subject of an upcoming exhibition.

"When Memories Collide"

Technology takes us on a virtual tour of an immigrant home of the 1920s.

The Voice of Nationalism

How Yeats and his circle gave playwriting a new voice.

The Irishness of Irish Painting

A sense of nationhood spawned new painting styles.

Reconsidering Rivera

The Mexican muralist sought to create art "capable of persuading and educating the masses."

An old book sheds new light

A biography of Daniel Boone is published 140 years after it was written.

Winners of the 1998 National Medal for the Humanities

This year's recipients of the National Medal for the Humanities: Stephen Ambrose, E. L. Doctorow, Diana Eck, Nancye Brown Gaj, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Vartan Gregorian, Ramón Eduardo Ruiz, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and Garry Wills

How the Marshall Plan Came About

The general's papers reveal the campaign for the plan that rebuilt Europe.

Opening Locked Doors

Reflections on the moral frontiers of thirty years of teaching the Holocaust.