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Life Among the Lexicographers

The Dictionary of American Regional English records what is local about our language.

Brown v. Board

A Supreme Court ruling fuels the Civil Rights Movement.

A Tense Time in Tennessee

Thurgood Marshall wins a case and nearly loses his life.

Mastering Mozart

Thirty teachers travel to Austria to study the composer's operas.

From the Rainforest

An archaeologist on a dig in Guatemala helps recover an ancient Maya masterpiece.

How Our Great-Grandparents Saw the Movies

From silent films to newsreels, a new grant is preserving early motion pictures.

Forty Acres and a Mule

A new documentary examines America's struggle to establish racial equality after the Civil War.

Incidents in the Life of an Abolitionist

The story of Harriet Jacobs, fugitive slave, author, and relief worker, unfolds in a new book.

Ordinary Virtues

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole talks about cultivating civic life.

"The Earth Shook, The Sky Burned"

From the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 to daily events, more than two centuries of newspaper history are being preserved.