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Time Travels

A new animated television series drops ten-year-olds into history--from the Battle of Waterloo to life in ancient Rome.

The Scholar and Teacher

Known as a "one-man university," Kagan brings versatility, wisdom, and excitement to his classroom.

Unlocking the Power of Myth

Legend blends with archaeology to tell the story of Troy online.

Clash of Empires

Three nations battle for the future of North America in the French and Indian War.

The Elasticity of Time

Einstein's 1905 theory of relativity is put to the test.

A New Look at Old Buildings

Advanced technology turns structures inside out for students.

The Crucible of the Cotton Club

"Stormy Weather" launches the career of songwriter Harold Arlen.

Translating Fashion

A confluence of cultures shapes style in the age of exploration.

America's Savvy Sweetheart

A child star becomes a movie mogul.

Saving the Silents

A DVD rescues Rin Tin Tin.