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Philip Lampi

The Orphan Scholar

Philip Lampi's lifelong quest to document elections of the early Republic.

Lansdowne, the home of saloniere Anne Willing Bingham.

The Early American Salon

In the manuscript culture of the pre-print age, a lost world of poetry has been rediscovered.

Bill of Rights, 1942, by Howard Chandler Christy

One Country, Many Programs

A sampler of We the People projects from the Founders to Mark Twain to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Child celebrating Mom's citizenship

"Informed Patriotism"

NEH celebrates five years of We the People

Political cartoon with Andrew Jackson

King Andrew and the Bank

Andrew Jackson stares down the national bank and wins.

Abraham Lincoln as a young lawyer

"Terrific in Denunciation"

Abraham Lincoln's legal papers reveal a surprising cache of sundry clients and dramatic litigation.

Movie star Lauren Bacall

Hebrew National

Not just Torah and gefilte fish: A new film shows the complexity of life as a Jewish American.

Court of Louis XVI

American Arriviste

The eighteenth-century traveler, writer, and social climber John Ledyard joins Thomas Jefferson and a famed circle of expatriates in Paris.

The Polish Rider, circa 1655

Teaching Rembrandt

Why introduce children to masterpieces?

Orphan train

Lost Children: Riders on the Orphan Train

In the 1850's, the Children's Aid Society began sending thousands of orphans by train to Western towns for adoption.