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Gangs of Baltimore

Election season in a city controlled by nativist hoodlums.

Michael Anton adjusting tie

The Dandy

Author Michael Anton speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the history and influences behind modern men's fashion.

woman in thin-soled slippers

Teensy-Weensy, Itty-Bitty Shoes

Women's shoes in the early nineteenth century were ideal for doing nothing.

Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma

The King’s Favorite

The Duke of Lerma had the King's ear and, as a result, great power.

Georges Collinet broadcasting "Bonjour L'Afrique from Washington, D.C.

From Maxi Voom Voom to Afropop

Georges Collinet was a rock ’n’ roll-playing, Cold War DJ; now he's an elder stateman of world music.

Fashionably dressed Parisian women

The Color of Fashion

How two American women changed the stardards of style and scooped the Paris prognosticators.

Extraordinary Lives

A group who saved Western art from Nazi looting and a California farmer who redefined ancient warfare are included in the latest list of National Humanities Medalists.

Philip Lampi

The Orphan Scholar

Philip Lampi's lifelong quest to document elections of the early Republic.

Lansdowne, the home of saloniere Anne Willing Bingham.

The Early American Salon

In the manuscript culture of the pre-print age, a lost world of poetry has been rediscovered.

Bill of Rights, 1942, by Howard Chandler Christy

One Country, Many Programs

A sampler of We the People projects from the Founders to Mark Twain to Laura Ingalls Wilder.