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The Passing City

Artist John Sloan documented the sidewalk theater of a changing New York.

Planned Paradise: Making the Florida Dream

A postwar boom transforms Florida from backwater to dream state.

WWII soldiers

War Stories: The American People in World War II

An epic film documents the experiences of the citizen soldier and his community.

Parades, Pickets, and Protests

Before Pearl Harbor, Chinese Americans bring the issue of Japanese agression to the nation's consciousness.

The Sound of Freedom

Composed during World War II, Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait reflects the mood of the times during which it is performed.

Common Bonds: The Duty and Honor of Lee and Grant

A new exhibition traces the intersecting lives of the Civil War rivals.

Watch by Gerald Murphy

Life as Art

Frolicking on the Cote D'Azur, Sara and Gerarld Murphy inspire artists of the avant-garde.

Chronicle of a New Age

A charismatic editor lures great writers of the early twentieth century to the pages of his controversial weekly.

Philosophy as a Way of Life

Wit and insight are trademarks of Mansfield's scholarship and teaching style.

In His Own Words

Excerpts from the writings of Harvey Mansfield.