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Orphan train

Lost Children: Riders on the Orphan Train

In the 1850's, the Children's Aid Society began sending thousands of orphans by train to Western towns for adoption.

Fontainebleau Hotel Flower Shop

Miami Swank—and Its Opposite

A new exhibition captures the dueling personalities of Miami Modern.

During a performance at the American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, VA


Ralph Alan Cohen and the American Shakespeare Center want to turn the sweet little town of Staunton, Virginia, into the world capital of Shakespearean theater.

A still from "The Soul of Youth." 1920

Film as Argument

The early disputatious days of American movies.

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Art and the American Story

NEH puts American materpieces in schools across the country.

The Ballad of Thomas Hart Benton

The prolific, opinionated artist behind The Sources of Country Music.

In Defense of Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper was a major literary innovator with fans such as Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad. Take that, Mark Twain.

A Summer Scene

While vacationing in Queens, Cooper suffers a fever and writes the violent twelfth chapter of The Last of the Mohicans.

Wyeth’s Noble Savage

An excerpt from Picturing America describes how an artist interpreted Cooper's prose.

“High Thinking and Low Living”

How a mansion-turned-boardinghouse in Old Lyme, Connecticut, became the place to be for American Impressionists.