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A Poet’s Inner Eye

A literary scholar looks for Elizabeth Bishop in the fishing waters of Florida.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

Thieves of Pleasure

A vicious fraternal war rewards Alfonso VI with the artistic and poetic treasures of al-Andalus.

Image of Thorton Wilder, January, 28, 1962

The Utterly Civilized Wilder

Despite global popularity, the enduring works of Thornton Wilder hold up to critical scrutiny.

Image of Lincoln at McClellan's camp

Lincoln the Great

Though He Didn’t Look That Way at the Time.

Image of poster from Lincoln Centennial

Lincoln’s Centennial

The year was marked by adulation.

Image of  Sabiha Al Khemir

The New Here

A visit with author and curator Sabiha Al Khemir.

Image of choreographer Jerome Robbins rehearsing dancers.

Dancing American

Jerome Robbins built a new style from classical and modern parts.

Ten Who Make A Difference

The 2008 National Humanities Medalists.

Church of the Odigitria


Down south in the Russian North.

Edmund Wilson

Who Was Edmund Wilson?

America's greatest reader had overwhelming passions: for beautiful women and exceptional writing.