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Library of America book covers for Vonnegut

Unhappy Camper

The hijacking of Vonnegut's early education embarrassed him not just at the time but down the road, when his career would bring him into contact with writers more well-read than he was.

Man in profile with spine-out books image superimposed on head

Humanities on the Brain

New collaborations between neuroscientists and humanists look to reunite the "two cultures" of the academy.

Genevieve receiving King Mark's letter

Dating Fashionable Middle-Aged People

A scholar's epic journey to catalog two hundred years of medieval dress.

Plaque with face of Stefan Zeromski

Żeromski the Magnificent!

The novelist who captured Polish life even as it was changing

View through a bench in Central Park.

Public Parking

Frederick Law Olmsted designed pastoral escapes for the urban masses.

child in theater

Deaf Meets Wonderstruck

An NEH-funded documentary inspires a cinematic novel, one to be seen as well as read.

man and woman lying on their backs, "pinned" by chair bases

Modern Love

Charles and Ray Eames forged a new sensibility while doing everything and nothing.

business letter in Audubon's handwriting

Audubon the Writer

The celebrated bird portraitist was also a great artist of the written word.

Two sailing vessels at sea in nineteenth century

A Diplomatic Education

Early in the Civil War, the Union narrowly avoided war with Britain.

open King James Bible

The Everlasting Bible

New translations of the Bible have sought to make it accessible to everyone.