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Gilded statue of Tut

King Tut: A Classic Blockbuster Museum Exhibition That Began as a Diplomatic Gesture

When the boy-king was the hottest ticket in town

Illustration of volumes representing great American authors

Edmund Wilson’s Big Idea: A Series of Books Devoted to Classic American Writing. It Almost Didn’t Happen.

The origins of the Library of American were a messy business.

Union soldiers at camp.

With The Civil War, Ken Burns Reinvented the Television History Documentary and Captivated Millions of Americans. How Did He Do It?

Documentaries have never been the same since The Civil War

Lindberghs in plane with open cockpits

To Bring the Humanities to All Americans, NEH Needed Local Partners

How the state humanities councils expanded and helped fulfill the mission of NEH

Illustration of man with butterfly net chasing letters.

A Romantic Notion: One Scholar’s Lifetime of Devotion to the Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The prolific Victorian writers have given him a very exciting and satisfying life

National Council on the Humanities

Our National Council

The National Council on the Humanities is charged with a lofty mission.

pillow cover

Red All Over: How a Tiny Bug Changed the Way We See the World

What makes the best red? The Spanish found out in sixteenth-century Mexico.

Landscape of Arizona's Box Canyon, Wupatki National Monument

Willa Cather in the Desert: Where She Learned What Truly Mattered and Found Material forThe Song of the Lark

Walnut Canyon in Arizona was the inspiration for key scenes in Cather's 1915 novel.

Painting by Jonathan Trumball of Thomas Jefferson and Congress

The History of the Stamp Act Shows How Indians Led to the American Revolution

In the years after the French and Indian War, Britain's strategies to keep its Native American alliances sometimes backfired.

Studs Terkel

The Greatest Thing About Studs Terkel Was Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel interviewed all types, but his best character was himself.