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Editor's Notes

Editor's Note, July/August 2009

I have become a regular purchaser of old books, and as I pull these worn-out tomes from my mailbox I wonder if anyone else is still reading these particular works.

Editor's Note, March/April 2009

“You know what work is—if you're / old enough to read this you know what / work is,” wrote Philip Levine, in a poem about lining up with other men, outside, looking for work.

Editor's Note, January/February 2009

In the 1995 Hollywood movie Copycat, the killer tells Sigourney Weaver’s character, “Did you know, Helen, that there are more books written about Jack the Ripper than Abraham Lincoln?” Hardly

Editor's Note, January/February 2008

Cue the tango music, because this issue of Humanities magazine is all about passion, that often celebrated, but most unruly element of human character.

Words Have Consequences

Editor's Note, November/December 2007

A magazine should suggest to the reader the existence of a world outside one's door that is larger and more interesting than he or she would have imagined had they not read the magazine.

Editor’s Note, September/October 2007

Editor's Note, July/August 2007

Creating the American Character

Editor's Note, May/June 2007

of Mansfield and Machiavelli

Editor's Note, March/April 2007

Open Knowledge, Open Source