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Russian poet Anna Akhmatova

Akhmatova’s Boswell

Recording and observing the words and actions of a cultural icon for posterity

Bedtime Stories

Did you hear the one about the Japanese villagers who performed burial rights for an American World War II pilot by following the text of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake?

Sioux City Bridge, 1887

Ties That Bind

Iowa's web-like network of tracks made transcontinental railroad feasible.

American Nursing book jacket

Medical Assurance

Gallup polls consistently rank nurses as among the most honest and ethical professionals.

Wheel of Cogitation

Wheel of Cogitation

Oregon Humanities’ Wheel of Cogitation travels about to street fairs with the aim of starting conversations that lead to an exchange of ideas.

Apparatus for cranial osteopathy, 1930s

Brain Booster

This ingenious handmade apparatus for cranial osteopathy, ca. 1930s, was constructed from pieces of two catchers’ mitts and a belt. Cranial osteopathy, developed by Dr.

Bilingual signage in Mel's Diner in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Mon Dieu!

Keeping French alive in Louisiana can be accompanied by great wailing

First, Count to Ten...In Pescadora

Archaeologists from Harvard University’s Peabody Museum working in Peru have unearthed a piece of paper used in the early seventeenth century by a Spanish priest to conduct an interview and record num

Man reading poetry aloud

Poetry Speaks

From Victorian times to the present, the accent has shifted from elocution to oral interpretation

Sandal made of yucca fibers, artifact of Franktown Cave in Colorado

University of Denver Archaeological Collections

Fashioned from yucca fibers, the sandal pictured here was probably worn over five thousand years ago and is one of the oldest artifacts found at Franktown Cave in southern Colorado.