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Parlor at Mount Vernon Hotel

When Rural Ruled Uptown

Manhattan harbors hotel gem from the 1820s.

stages of life

Where Town Meets Gown

Site on medieval history, broad in scope, ranges from the totally wacky to materials that are deep and philosophically chellenging.

pantomime in Tayor’s home studio

Taylor-Made History

Memphis preacher's message could be found in his photographs.

Steam retort

Canny Retort

In Baltimore, the museum of industry charms.

Book: <em>Wilsonian Moment</em>

They'll Always Have Paris

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points: Raising expectations of emerging national leaders.

Franklin School

Capital Gains

Adolf Cluss lived through revolutionary times, first in his native Heilbronn in southwest Germany, where as a young man he got swept up in the popular uprisings of 1848, and then in Washington, D.C.,

Blast issue no. 1

Paging Modernism . . .

Dante Alighieri

Of Circles, Terraces, and Spheres

A little rusty on the Dante you read as an undergraduate? Like to brush up a bit on some points in the Inferno, like that “mal” something?

Image of cover of Cita Excelentissima

City Desk

Renaissance diarist Marin Sanudo’s political ambitions nearly truncated his accomplishment as a daily recorder of events in what was arguably the world’s most powerful and dynamic city of the day, Ven

Mogollon Rim

Them Is Fightin’ Words

Disputes in Mogollon Rim in late nineteenth century inspired stories by Zane Grey.