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French singer/songwriter Leo Ferre

Liberating Experience

The music of protest

Chief Hole in the Day

American Originals

Modern-day Ojibwe maintain ties with language, cultural tradition

book cover

Girl Guides

When the reading of "bad books" was a novel experience

Shed-style grave house

Houses of Spirits

Kentucky photographer and folklorist keeps grave houses alive.

Detail from the "Tabulae Iliacae"

Heroic Tablets

Tablets Reveal Ideas of Roman Self-Identity.

Statue of Emperor Augustus

Latin Goes Live

The Perseus Digital Library breathes new life into a "dead" language.

Book cover for Jean Fouquet and the Invention of France

Crowning Achievement

French painter Fouquet was a "curious" artist.

Book jacket for "Apocryphal Lorca: Translation, Parody, Kitsch"

Lorca, American Style

In spite of generations of poets and translators' efforts to categorize Federico García Lorca, his talent remains untamed.

Manuscript page from Richard Rufus's work

Rufus Refused Credit

Modest Medieval scholar's commentaries on Aristotle come to light after five hundred years

ruined railroad roundhouse

Railroad Melee

Tracking down a watershed moment for labor.