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Two people view interactive table

Quilty Table

Digital humanities enhances emotional experience of viewing AIDS Quilt

Book cover for Stidentism

Stridentism: Motors and Wings Included

Mexican Cultural Movement in the Twenties Had Plenty of Varoom

Poster of opera singer Emma Calve

Tales of the Parisian Opera

This diva was the real deal

Walden Pond in spring

Thoreau on Flora

Author of Walden proves to be invaluable to today's scientists studying climate change.

Temple blending eastern and western elements

Hawaiian Angle on Building

One person's pagoda is another's bell tower.

Pickup football game among "breaker boys."

Penn’s Woods Online

Keeping tabs on the Commonwealth's uncommon history.

Bug mosaic of George Washington

Best Bug Art Ever

Machinist by day, entomological mosaicist by night.

French singer/songwriter Leo Ferre

Liberating Experience

The music of protest

Chief Hole in the Day

American Originals

Modern-day Ojibwe maintain ties with language, cultural tradition

book cover

Girl Guides

When the reading of "bad books" was a novel experience