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Mountain ivision equipment

G.I. Snow

Mountain division captured high ground in WW II.

Book cover of Tatooing the World

A Marked Man

For nineteenth-century sailor, tattoos both smoothed the way and caused alarm.

Anchor Lenila Wesson (right) in 2009, WTXL Channel 27, Talahassee, Fla.

Tony Brown: “Television’s Civil Rights Crusader”

Show served as time capsule of pioneering days of black journalists

Pakistani truck driver with rig painted with verses

Eclectic Verses

From Yemeni tribesmen to Pakistani truck drivers, poetry speaks to Muslim world.

Josef Stalin, 1949

“The Greatest Genius of Mankind”

Website on Gulag presents daily struggle for survival

Caricature of Gustav Mahler

To the Age Its Art . . .

Antisemitic critics poisoned the works of Gustav Mahler for fin-de-siècle Viennese audiences.

Mary Pickford posing with motion picture camera

Pickford Mania

The darling of the silent-film industry led the way on many cinematic innovations of the era.

Illustrations of camp life during Civil War

The Comical and the Coffinly

Through humor, Winslow Homer learned to tap into the subtleties of the Gilded Age.

Chinese commemorative stamp for Go.

Go Figure

In talking about their national game, Chinese reveal world views, personal philosophies, and notions of other lands and peoples.

Dust jacket for The Edge of the Woods

“Whose Woods These Are . . . ”

Iroquois traveled far and wide.