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Road to the White House, 1908 Edition

From New-York Daily Tribune, Wednesday, November 4, 1908

Vice-Presidential Candidate and Sons Go to Booth Together.

Golem dust jacket

Golem Revival

The most vivid, pervasive and influential version of the golem legend emerges from sixteenth-century Prague and is indelibly linked with Rabbi Loew (1525–1609), the famous spiritual leader of

A Ladies' Rumble

Mad hatter tears worshipper's chapeau in two during Sunday service.

Honorable Hotbloods

“A Killing Gentleman” by James M. Prichard delineates the carefully prescribed protocol of dueling in the April issue of Kentucky Humanities.

Seeds of Democracy

Although famous as a period when large private estates and fine suburbs were built and landscaped, the early twentieth century was equally a time when little gardens attracted great loyalties, and

Woman on Phone

Take My Husband, Please

Wife finds her husband practices both medicine and burglary.

Song of the Critic

From The Willa Cather Archive, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The floral wallpaper is a reproduction of the first layer of wallpaper discovere


The history of the The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is revealed.

Tanks displayed for the 40th Anniversary of the Prague Spring

Fortieth Anniversary of the Prague Spring

The 40th Anniversary of the Prague Spring

Richard Ford

Descent into Happiness

American writer Richard Ford discusses The Sportswriter